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The Insurance Regulatory Examiners Society (IRES) is an association of professional insurance regulators dedicated to consumer protection. IRES helps to promote fair, cost effective, and efficient insurance regulation by ensuring professionalism and integrity among the individuals who serve state and federal insurance regulatory bodies.

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Announcing the First Industry Certified Insurance Examiner (CIE) Recipient since the Bylaws Changes of 2013

Michael HailerMichael Hailer from The Auto Club Group out of Dearborn, Michigan, an IRES Member since 2005, is the first and currently only non-regulator to obtain his CIE designation. He was very instrumental in assisting both the A&E and M&B committees with implementing the changes.

Congratulations Mr. Hailer!

What prompted Mr. Hailer to take on this endeavor? Mr. Hailer states he has been attracted to the CIE program because it is held in very high esteem by the market regulation community. When it was opened to all, he was immediately interested. As he states, it has been a sort of “forbidden fruit” because it has never been available to industry, only regulators.

Watch for the upcoming issue of the Regulator to hear more from Mr. Hailer about his accreditation.

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IRES Now Accepting Board Nominations

IRES Board of Directors election nominations due by February 28, 2014