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The Insurance Regulatory Examiners Society (IRES) is an association of professional insurance regulators dedicated to consumer protection. IRES helps to promote fair, cost effective, and efficient insurance regulation by ensuring professionalism and integrity among the individuals who serve state and federal insurance regulatory bodies.


Aug 3, 2017 –
Jun 21, 2017 – The time is here-- online voting for election of the 2017 IRES Board of Directors is now open! To vote electronically, simply click on the “vote now” link below. Important notes: I encourage you to visit this link for... Read More
Apr 25, 2017 – Attention, IRES Voting Members:  
Candidate bios for the IRES 2017-2018 Board of Directors are now posted on the IRES website. Please take the time to review these colleagues and their qualifications at your convenience:... Read More
Mar 13, 2017 – Register for an Upcoming IRES Webinar "Now that I’ve been on your side longer…"  Registration deadline is Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 11:59 pm Central Time.

Recall that after over 20 years playing "Defense", Mark now plays "Offense" for the... Read More

Upcoming Events

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September 24-27, 2017|5:30pm - 11:30am
Pittsburgh, PA – hosted by Insurance Consumer Insurance Exchange – Join regulators and industry professionals September 24 – 27th for ICAE’s 2017 Fall Exchange. Highlights include: Myra Golden, MHR, Author of Beyond WOW is the Keynote Speaker. This is a return engagement... Learn More
August 12-15, 2018|2:00pm - 12:00pm
San Antonio, TX –
August 18-21, 2019|12:00pm - 2:00pm
Spokane , WA –
August 16-19, 2020|2:00pm - 12:00pm
Denver , CO –  – hosted by Insurance Regulatory Examiners Society