About the Designation Programs

State insurance departments, as well as the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, formally recognize the Society's professional designation program which consists of the following four professional designations developed and awarded by the Insurance Regulatory Examiners Society.

  • Accredited Insurance Examiner (AIE®)
  • Certified Insurance Examiner (CIE®)
  • Certified Insurance Consumer Service Representative (CICSR®)
  • Market Conduct Management (MCM®)
  • Advanced Market Conduct Management (AMCM®)


The Accredited Insurance Examiner (AIE®) and Certified Insurance Examiner (CIE®) designations are awarded to IRES general members who meet the established minimum education and employment requirements. Currently, over 400 professionals hold an AIE® or CIE® designation.

An insurance regulatory professional who has been awarded an AIE® has at least two years of verifiable fulltime insurance regulatory work and has been extensively trained in one of two primary fields of insurance regulation, Property and Casualty or Life and Health.

An insurance regulatory professional who has been awarded a CIE® has at least three years of verifiable fulltime insurance regulatory work, has attained an AIE® in one field, and cross-trained in the other field.

IRES members who have been awarded the AIE®, or CIE® designation must take part in the Society's program of continuing education, known as the National IRES Continuing Education (NICE) Program. The NICE Program allows individuals who have earned either of the two designations to demonstrate their commitment to continued professional development through continuing education and training.


The CICSR® designation has been designed for both regulators and industry. It builds on an educational commitment for insurance consumer/customer service and market regulation.

An insurance professional who has been awarded a CICSR® designation has at least two years of full time experience with an insurance regulatory agency (includes regulatory contractors), or in the insurance industry.

Like the AIE® and CIE® designation, individuals who have earned the CICSR® designation must take part in the Society's program of continuing education, known as the National IRES Continuing Education (NICE) Program.


The MCM® program is designed to provide hands-on-training for regulators and insurance industry professionals on how to efficiently and effectively manage market conduct examinations and to promote the interests of insurance regulators. MCM® program provides schooling covering:

  • Market Regulation & Examinations
  • Exam Management
  • Communication & Report Writing
  • Standardized Data Requests & Technology
  • The Role of Market Analysis

It is a unique and practical program designed both for the experienced professional and those wishing to enhance their regulatory and compliance career. View the MCM® Program Flyer here.


AMCM® “Advanced Market Conduct Management” is considered to be the “master degree” of MCM®. It is a 3 hour class designed to use the techniques of the MCM® program by combining class discussion along with the hands-on approach of case studies. Through your own knowledge and those of others in your class, you will weave the results based upon knowledge learned in the MCM® program and that of the NAIC Market Regulation Handbook best practices. Once the AMCM® is obtained, the MCM® designation will be replaced with the AMCM® designation. Unlike the MCM® program, Continued Education (CE) is required for continuance of the AMCM® designation. The requirements are 3 hours of CE approved credits (coursework/seminar) every 4 years. If a person loses their AMCM® designation due to not meeting the hours required of CE credits, then the individual can no longer use the AMCM® but can revert back to using the MCM® designation.

The class includes:

  • Review of updates to the MCM® manual
  • Discussion of current developments and emerging issues in Insurance Regulation
  • Discussion of the changing environment of market analysis
  • Case Studies for discussion of what is considered best practices

Individuals must have their MCM® designation for a minimum of 2 years to be eligible for the AMCM®.

To learn more about the curriculum requirements of the IRES designation programs or to download an application, click here. If you have additional questions about the Society's designation programs, click here to send an e-mail to IRES.